I have a nursing and an education degree, and a masters in Leadership, and have worked as a school teacher for many years, instructing children from pre-school to junior high. Currently, I teach students in the University of Alberta’s education degree program at Faculty St. Jean, the university’s French campus.


Over the last decade, I have been actively involved as an executive in a number of non-profit organizations, advocating for language learning and women in leadership. Being the voice of my community is part of my daily life, and I have used that voice to co-host a weekly radio show on a local Francophone community radio station (Radio Cité). My voice and actions align with the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. My goal is to build community and advocate for ways to bring more people into the democratic process. My aim in running for school trustee is to bring new and fresh ideas for the betterment of our school district.

  • Advocacy

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • To support the adoption of a school calendar that reflects EPSB’s values of diversity and inclusion.

  • To be a strong voice for the school community through all levels of government.

  • To encourage and strengthen the vital and ongoing process of Truth and Reconciliation within the school board. 

  • To support all three professional practice standards developed by the former provincial government and key community partners: Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard, Leadership Quality Standard, and Teaching Quality Standard.

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Dr Svetlana Pavlenko, Executive Director JDIC Seniors Centre

Leticia is well known and respected for her leadership, intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teambuilding skills, and diligence among many Edmonton ethno-cultural communities. She is a strong advocate for education and equality.


Christian Lopez, Corporate Affairs & Communications

Me enorgullece apoyar a Leticia para el puesto de fideicomisaria de la escuela en el distrito C. Su experiencia y conocimiento son un gran activo para nuestra junta escolar.

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Dr Ingram, College Instructor

I worked with Leticia when she was a school teacher. Her integrity, intelligence and passion for education impressed me! She is also an amazing person who helps others fighting for their rights. She would make an exceptional school trustee. 


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Kit Yu, Real Estate Agent

I endorse Leticia Gomez, Ward C school trustee candidate as her knowledge and integrity will bring lots of success in the district.

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Ottilia, Buisness owner

Leticia's leadership and achievements are making a remarkable impact and incredible difference in her community and beyond. I appreciate the work you’re doing Leticia and you’ll do an outstanding job as a school trustee.

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Gabe, Designer

When Leticia starts a new project, it's really because she believes in it. I've never seen her back out of anything; she's done only when the job is done right.


Luciana, Marketing Manager

Leticia is a true woman of inspiration who leads by example. Her confidence, truthfulness, commitment and courage inspire me to do more and go further in my life. Leticia, you'll be a great trustee!


Chantal, Student Teacher

Leticia est la professeure qui a su m'inspirer et me redonner confiance. Aujourd'hui, je suis fière de faire partie de sa campagne électorale à titre de bénévole.


Sheila, Paralegal Assistant

I've known Leticia for almost a decade now. I believe that she is the right person to be in the school board, having impeccable credentials and utmost willingness to serve the community.